The Dream Walker (Album)

by Devine Carama

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"This project is inspired by what MLK did and what that means for me and what my job in continuing his legacy. From a hiphop perspective, I feel that dream has to become a reality. Not just in terms of power, money, and influence but also in freedom of speech, creative control, and the substance of our music. Hiphop is still one of, if not, the loudest voices when speaking to our generation so I feel their is a responsibility to say something meaningful as MCs.."


released January 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Devine Carama Lexington, Kentucky

Devine Carama is a lyrical driven & conscious hip hop artist and social activist from Lexington, KY. He has worked with and opened up for acts such as Nappy Roots, LL Cool J, Allen Poe, Canibus & De La Soul, J. Cole & Little Brother. His music has been covered in The Source, Vibe, & Complex Magazine. ... more

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Track Name: 16 Bars In A Clip
This is for the stars and the glitz
In the clubs & the bars getting ripped..
When you stumble to your car don't trip
*gun shots* I got 16 bars in a clip!

This is for them rappers tap dancing like Sambo..
Every other verse dude sounding like Rambo..
But his guns be empty when he steps out the both though..
Better duck! Got 16 bars in a clip!

Verse 1
I'm something like a biochemist, with mic chemistry
Hype energy at night glisten like light energy, like
Christ ministry write scriptures that's quite vivid
Find wifey in a brothel with the gospel like Tye Tribbet
See, even when I'm lite with it whether sandscripted
Or hieroglyphics, I'm the man with it on the mic gifted
Rhyme tighter than vice grip hold, flow colder
Than ice Guinness or a colder shoulder from wifey pissed
I'm so nice when I write you think I'm nicer
Than Kendrick, or writing for Kendrick when I write I paint through mics a picture
I'm a nice lyricist, write sentences & craft visuals
And send kites to prisoners to revisit our child friendships
There one god, I'm one man, need one mic
If hip hop is a queen I go hard until she cums twice
I'm dumb nicer than half of your favorite artists
Whom I target when I load up a clip full of bars...

Verse 2
See, I'm a go to the Chi & I'm a stop a young man
And replace that blam blam with a mic in his hands
But before you can start engaging in target practice
Gotta clean his weapon first before he could start rapping
Strengthen his seventh Chakra and purify his heart
Then he can put it on his waist then pull it out in the park
And spit every 2 hours, because words equal power
Turn jokers into kings & even embolden cowards
Into warriors strong enough to lead lost souls
In darkness at crosswords you can shine bright star
Even if he never sings or heavily marketed
His existence is god sent, with the flow he's a modern day Martin
Like Van Gogh or Picasso, encompass the art with
Culture, while avoiding menages with Nicki on star ships
Plus he sent many rappers to God.. yeah..
When loaded up his clip full of bars..

Verse 3
I'm like an ancient artifact that's aiming the verbal
Ratchet, my art of rapping is part accurate to target practice
When I'm starving I'm clapping the other half is a tactic
For Cards in the Vatican, spit Da Vinci art for the Catholics, God!
There's not a rapper in my state worth the debate
My notebook is a fully loaded clip in a .38
I'm putting every rapper on notice, mention me in a rhyme
I'm raising the death toll for those dissing Devine
Fans demand truth, it cost more
I look in your eyes I see fear, Rookie Of The Year? I Cam Newton your sophomore
First shoot! <---- is my art of war, but never the 9 mil
Instead rhyme real, students pay attention to the chalkboard
My insane flow hops on the train then a boat, then dock
Then move like a strike lightening of Husein Bolt, flock
Of chickens are easy to kill because they stay where they are
While an eagle soars and loads his clip full of bars

Verse 4
I'm a king on a throne I don't spar with lieutenants
Or Argue with constituents I just Slipping them barbiturates
In this art of lyrics spit Devine is a barbarian
Huey P Newton for Halloween sparring with Aryan
Bars tremendous from a car tented, targets split them
Like a marksman with 16 bars in a clip...
Track Name: 36 Bars Of Glory
I been rapping since, Macy's was Lazarus
My soul dates back to when the savior raised Lazarus/
Now they praise him in the Vatican
But these apes is adamant with a .38 to your abdomen/
I got dogs like a boxer or a pit bull
Better watch it cause that roctwilder will get you/
You the throw in the towel in like a boxer when it sit stool
Carama move the crowd like a mobster when he spit tools/
It's hard to ball when taxes lock you in a fiscal
I can see all I reflect the my optics out my window/
I was in my moms car when that cop cocked his pistol
And said get out the car, in KY that's the type of stuff the pigs do/
Now we riding in porsches from horses and carriages
We were poor but Samaritan, and our resources were paralyse/
We need the Lord in your marriages
But when the GOP says we must Restore America/
What does that mean go back to the shores of Maryland?
Which means we gotta restore the sources of our heritage/
I use to snore off the Clariton, in college lot classes
I took pro black courses so of course this is the narrative/
I take racist to the morgue with the scary men
The .44 airing men I'm a lord to the Aryans/
Poet laureate write poems that bury men
Make a housewife from a whore, I don't judge I just marry em/
We gotta empower our kids, It's more than just parenting
You had a choice before it's either abort or cesarean/
Now you lost trying to find your star on Maurey
Like Denzel when he found God on Glory/
Man I rep for the queens like Nore
I'm a teacher with verses you can read like stories/
The Lord our God, took through war with just scars
Now you in your foreign car With 36 bars of Glory/
Inspire rhymes to rhyme, don't rhymes then go blog about it
And those that don't blog, picket signs & go march about it/
I don't don't care about your fashion
Fam you just rapping, but where's the passion I can't call it art without/
I thank God for history with Obama
For my seeds now we Martin Luther...
Track Name: Martin Didn't Die For This!
Martin Luther King didn't die for this
Teenage gangsters loading iron with clips/
Worldstar rappers, girls gone ratchet
Men dressing girls it's like the whole worlds backwards/
Everybody wanna rap man you must be joking
Pregnant girls twerking in the club and they smoking/
Martin Luther King didn't die for this
Your kid starving while you riding in a brand new whip/
My home boy calls the woman he loves a bitch
And the hottest song out in the club is called Shit/
Martin Luther King didn't die for this, to put his face on a flyer
Next dimes with tits/ you still fighting in the club and you almost 36
Gas tank on e, but a fully loaded clip/
You a queens why you chucking them idle finger in your pics
Man Martin Luther king didn't die for this/

Malcolm took about 21 shots to his temple
So the least you could do is try and elevate your mental/
We use to get sprayed the hose in street
In America they would hanging us in the Forrest from a tree/
Emmett Till got killed for whistling at white girl
And killers were found innocent, we victims in a white world/
We went to Vietnam fought in a war with no purpose
Then came home only to be treated like we was worthless/
Many people fought and died on this conquest
So the least we could is continue our peoples progress/
Stripping on Instagram cooning for some likes
Your kids lost in the darkness where they moon for the light/
Martin took fire on the balcony from arms
While living with your moms and refuse to get job/
Sexing multiple partners and now the doc says you sick
Man Martin Luther King didn't die for this....