No Child Left Behind (Album)

by Devine Carama

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This is my 4th solo studio album and my 12th project overall. No Child Left Behind, is an open letter to an 8th grade middle school class.. This album is for those young inner city teens struggling to navigate their way through this world with limited guidance, opportunities, and foggy mirrors as best. Musically, I wanted to bring back some of the soulful soundscapes that seem to have touched people over the years and have seemingly been abandoned by mainstream hiphop. I just wanted to do my part and bringing back the "balance" in the game. If this album is something you dig please please please share with a friend! Peace & Love.


released June 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Devine Carama Lexington, Kentucky

Devine Carama is a lyrical driven & conscious hip hop artist and social activist from Lexington, KY. He has worked with and opened up for acts such as Nappy Roots, LL Cool J, Allen Poe, Canibus & De La Soul, J. Cole & Little Brother. His music has been covered in The Source, Vibe, & Complex Magazine. ... more

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Track Name: Stars
Im not a superstar man I'mma SoulStar...
I love my people so I never check Worldstar

Started from the bottom and we made it to the tip top/
Make the beat knock instead of the clip pop/
We don't do it for the cash we do it for hip hop..
When I say hip then you say hop!

Verse 1:
I remember poetry was the scene tho, and it was cool to call your girlfriend a queen yo/ Brown Sugar were the type if movies I liked, Tyler Perry cool but his movies is too extreme though/ that ain't really us, there more to us, the black experience yeah there's more to it/ and as a rap fan I wanted the real you, in order to clap hands god I had to feel you/ and I was playing ball and peeping the mic through my rear view, put my life in reverse to go claim that /When you hear the music I hope it's theroputic, if you sick of all the lies I want my lyrics to heal you/Lyrically nice enough to etch out some Hallmarks, or greets seeds with stickers when they exiting Walmart/I just want to uplift people with dope bars, you can be a superstar I'm a SoulStar...

Verse 2:
Too many rappers spits bars like a death wish, they so errant with they arms like Leftwich/ I come from era where bars had a message, and one verse could shine light like God when He present/ a man is the sun reflect stars and the crescent, in the darkness our ancestors overcame misery/Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift thats why we call it the present/
Black women shouldn't have to fear when she see me, she should see me & be like please king free me/ but she's called bitch on everyone of her CDs, her chest means more to a man than her mind will /Ok look at life and real big chessboard, the one piece you can't afford to lose is ya queen piece/ we must protect her, we must respect her, if no other rapper going to do it Devine will...

Verse 3:
This goddess was a vegan her focus proper health, said she wanted knowledge, but her college couldn't help/ So I laid her on the bed, and gave her some head, but instead of spreading her legs I gave her knowledge of self/ Willie Lynch doctrine, and the supreme mathematics, just some light reading to increase what's in her attic/man her beauty is flawless, and when truth is taught, it's like food for thought, and we feast with the famish/ I'm from an era Soul Sista & Love Jones, now it's an era coke pitching and bust chrome/ well we always had both but now it's no balance, so my flow challenge wack rappers to go home/ rewrite they bars until they show growth, and if they don't then they stay home and go broke/now a days it's fashion before a rappers flow I've never seen so many wack rappers so stylish...
Track Name: Light Switch Flow
Verse 1

I tried to sell my soul but the devil wouldn't charge me, God told him "take my son out the scope & unmark" me/ he is not Saint, but he walks like a Giant, this is the Book Of Eli so everybody thank Archie/head in clouds like I'm walking with a halo, very well endowed dropping knowledge in a kangol/ want freedom drop a beat, tongue speak you all free then I study Greek philosophy with Socrates & Plato/ here's a modern a gem if you don't see this as fact, to save youth's future you gotta revisit the past/And real gangsters shoot you if you squeezing in ya raps, see whatever you spew it comes back ten fold/ I'm just giving you the truth from the Dead Sea Scrolls, dropping science like I'm leaking out the beaker or the flask, YEA!/ so I write with soul, call it light switch flow, we ignite stick blow!!...

Verse 2

This is for them dudes selling hard on the night shift, I come through with light in the darkness like a light switch/Knowledge is a gem you must savor like you foil it, cause if you leave it out uncovered you might spoil it/ A wise man told me never wrestle with a pig, because you both will get dirty but the pig will enjoy it/ Living uncivilized is an uncivil eye, eye as in the third, your third eye as in your mind/ God loves the grind, in church he said "Devine, I need a worker. If you apply then ill employ ya."/so now I clock in from Sunday to Sunday, spitting beams of light thru the darkness like sun raise/ redirecting wrong way traffic down a one way, young rappers cop birds and murk with they gun/ Proverbs 18 verse 21, easy young scrapper and be careful what your tongue say...