Heart Of A King (Album)

by Devine Carama

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This is the conceptual follow up to my 2011 release Blood Of A Slave. Heart Of A King features appearances from Sheisty Khrist, Jalin Roze, Courtney Campbell & more! Support music with substance & if you enjoy the album please put friend or 2 on it.


released March 23, 2012

Production Credits - MC!aRKE (3,8, 10, 13) Ace (4,15) DJ Well Blended (8, 11, 14) IDrys (6) RawKey Productions (5,12) Rushing Blade (1, 7) Justen Burns (16) DJ Kymbo Slyce (11)

Thank yous: My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. My parents for the love, patience & understanding of having a son that is 30 years old still chasing his dreams. My beautiful & intellegent daughters Kamaria & Jaidah. My wisdom Jacque for all the support & my best friend Thomas for always having my back. Jerome Jones for constantly being there at my worst times and believing in my dreams. The big homie Matt Hopkins aka MC!rke for leading the sound on this album. The rest of my friends, family, & fans that have supported me. Courtney Campbell for just being who she is. the Digital 859 team. Lexington is my home and I love you! S/O to Brooklyn, NY, Nashville, TN & Greensboro, NC for holding me down. Peace.



all rights reserved


Devine Carama Lexington, Kentucky

Devine Carama is a lyrical driven & conscious hip hop artist and social activist from Lexington, KY. He has worked with and opened up for acts such as Nappy Roots, LL Cool J, Allen Poe, Canibus & De La Soul, J. Cole & Little Brother. His music has been covered in The Source, Vibe, & Complex Magazine. ... more

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Track Name: Soul Dead
Call 9-9-1 I think my soul is dead, Satan got a gun and put the four to my head/
I got saved and so my soul should be sterilized, but instead it's like my souls been paralyzed/
Physically I'm a hair training on a tortis regimen, so spiritually it's unfair when the rigamordis set in/ it's like clockwork everytime the drama unfolds, my baby mamas and my mama they just cry for my soul.....

*Verse 1
Do you know what it's like when your soul dead, feels like u walking around with a hole in your head/ acting all dumb and want to fight chick, like when you was young and you were numb to righteousness/ so numb you can't cum in the tightest clit, or a bum in the slum numb like a tongue full of vicadens/ mumbling niggas these is just vitamins, like fuck church I worship the idles of men/ you know cash, cars, diamonds and gold, drugs, fame, the dimes and the hoes/ you from the burbs but you looking for some work to cop, like the serphant is so cursed so the burner is cocked/ you said God told you to go shoot for stars, so you interpted that to walk in church with a glock/
Sweet baby Jesus give me meds for survival, nevermind I think my soul was dead on arrival...

In burgundy olds, is this couple so old, should be banned from the road driving this damn slow/
Yo I got places to go, fuck, What if I pulled out this 44, duck/ what wrong with me God its like my soul is expiring, got families dying and I ain't even crying/ my girl yelling at me with eyes full of tears, and I'm looking back at her like I don't even care/ I'm feeling so tired and hopeless, as if my heart is wired to explosives/ thanks to twitter we swallow things quicker, so though It registers we desensitized to emotion/ defenseless in the waters, I swim a little harder to fight the rise of the ocean/ sweet baby Jesus I need meds for survival, nevermind my soul dead on arrival.....

*Verse 3
In a world that gets worsre the darker the race is slavery cut deep, peep the scars on our faces/ But Devine is a fighter, and my rhymes rise higher, see a lights shines brighter in the darkest of places/ see eventhough the devil got me feeling all worthless, I overstand that the devils even worth less/
only when hell is cold will I sell my soul, because Satan ain't got enough in the bank to purchase/ my soul from the hands of God, we prepare to box when the enemy is lurking/
See u fake Nigga you don't kill you just rap hard, you from Versailes really killing out I Saginaw/ and see I can't shove the jewels down your throat, so I just crush these little medicine pills in your applesauce/nah I don't need any meds for survival, this beat reaaurected me on arrival.....
Track Name: Medicine Man featuring Marcus McClinton
to the old souls searching for youth, that fountain is shining, out of touch pawning gold, we counting diamonds/A bunch roaches fighting to be the king of an ant hill, Devine tighten his harnice prepared for mountain climbing/

The game is plagued by truth in a hammock, bunch sambos that be couning for the camera, scholars would call this delusions of granduer but Devines the medicine man/ a junkie for the life well I got that thrill, need help with your wife well I got that pill, need a soundtrack for the night well I got that feel cause I'm the medicine man/

It's too many captions and not enough soilders, to my rappers and not enough fans/ I see a whole lot of u but where's the demand, oh you napping on Me mutha fucker here the folgers/ so when I make it to the top where the emperors stand, and the peasants load glocks and they aim and the blame/ I'll be low in a drop like a snake in the sand, I predicted this shit mutha fucker I told you/ a lot of my homies dead from the heat when it toats, like we sponsored by the led when we squeezing the four/ that's why I spit lessons like the dead sea scrolls, plus I got get bread for my seeds I'm a man/You can feel the real when I speak from my soul, the game so sick I'm the medicine man/ the youth and confused yeah I got the prognosis,

*Bridge 1
Truth through a tube so you get the proper dosage/ bridge for the pain... beat for sneezing.... Hook for the chills..... Verse for the fever/ you under the weather, I got something that will make you feel better/ i got the remedy for all the underachiever... / I could leave you pain free.... I'm the medicine man/Yeah the games needs me cause I'm the medicine man....

The game is plagued by truth in a hammock, bunch sambos that be couning for the camera, scholars would call this delusions of granduer but Devines the medicine man/ a junkie for the life well I got that thrill, need help with your wife well I got that pill, need a soundtrack for the night well I got that feel cause I'm the medicine man/ you want it well I got it, I'm the medicine man.....

*Verse 2
Bunch rap clones trying act like a boss, throwing rocks at the throne, with thes raps they toss/ the devil will blow all his cash on your thought, but whatever you sold did you tax what he bought/ Nah he got it cheap, now bidding for your soul, that's why write sunshine spitting for your growth/ busy chasing my dreams, so I haven't found my queen, damn I guess a rolling stone really gathers no moss/ the pain and struggle in my rhymes I made it, they way I coveted the dimes I dated/ makes me sick, u was bland than a mutha fucker with the lamest of fits/Couldn't afford shoes Derek gave me his kicks, couldn't afford tools, mark gave me his fifth/The fans are confused so they digging a ditch,The games in trouble and Devine comes save it/

*Bridge 2
Devine so real... The game so fake... My rhymes could heal... One dose you could take.... From a coma awake... Nigga the flow
Is great.... I eat nigga pork and a steak/ I could leave you pain free.... I'm the medicine man/Yeah the games needs me cause I'm the medicine man....
Track Name: Mama Told Me featuring Courtney Campbell
Mama Told Me...
Courtney Campbell vocals in "()"


Many goals instore but my family was poor....
(Nah, I couldn't affors a college degree)

But sometimes experience is ones greatest teacher.. (I learn knowledge & jewelz from the street)

I keep my grass cut low so I can see the snakes coming... (The things that my daddy showed me)

And sometimes these school books don't be saying nothing... (I listen to the stories that my mama told me)


-While coke traffickers, flow and rapping, with no practices, those who master the flow, trapped in a solar capsule,
(-Ain't no I can play in a game where the best players don't play in the game)

-With the bars I'm a free, I am Marcus Garvey mixed with Martin Luther King in the booth with a starving artists dream like..
(-Wisdom is worth more than diamonds and gold, ain't no money worth sailing my soul)

-I'm twice as your best rapper, without weapons blasting, on records rapping messages on tablets, from Lex to Athens
(-I wanna be known from Mecca to Damascus, to Rome, here some food for thought you can eat without a napkin)

-Way before we were slaves that were owned by masters, we controlled trade from ours thrones out in Africa
( -when I'm confused by what the teachers taught me, I just read the books that my mama bought me)


-Remember this, struggle strengthens tunnel vision, so stay focused and remember hustling ain't got no pension
(-you gotta stay legal when you trying to paid, hustlers always end up in jail or the grave...)

-Cats with 9 lives chasing mice with no lifelines, fuck pigs, they busy fighting us instead of fighting crime/
(-when Devine write rhymes in darkness the light shine, I stand in the midst, and to Jesus I pray..)

-Give a man a fish, and you feed him a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime./
(-I wont let the ways of the devil get the best of me, everyday I pray I fulfill my destiny..)

-The proof lies in how schools hide truth between two like, like Jesus was a prophet with blonde hair and blue eyes/
(-and everything history misrepresent me, I just listen to the stories that my mama told me..)
Track Name: Purgatory featuring Courtney Campbell & Jo Jo Legras
Oh you think you fly, higher than a rasta, then that 9 cocks back and all you hear is blocka/ Then it's where you wanna go, where you wanna, where you wanna go... It's either heaven or hell...

Love you insecure in the club shaking your ass, a baller makes it rain you diving on the floor scooping the cash...

*Verse 1
My spirits locked up as if my reverns in jail, like where do I wanna go heaven or hell/ it's hard in the slumber, a knew a blind man that said that's God number he felt the seven in brail/ I said if a blind man can do it, then a man with good eyes, can pray God and make it through it/ and see my optics is not thru the pulpit, peeping Tom my binoculars is my music/ peeing thru the blinds, on a population in ruins, So I will not get off my grind, I'm trying to rhyming us through the nuces/
See a bad worker tries to quarrel with his tools, but see if my foundation is off I Probably misread the blueprint/ God i miss church, I need to get back in my bible tho, and realize that I'm a king and stop fucking with them tribal hoes/yeah devil is my rival foe, both my daughters are dimes and they all I have, so let me tith my two cent...

*Verse 2
I wake up in the morning like nothing can stop me, yawning cock on rise then my queen climb on top of me/ see they called that fornication, but its not my fault I wat he'd a porn when I was eight/ I was reborn at a tender age, it's almost like my generation torn between state and Gods property/ see half of me is like I don't really care hoe, the other half is like boo u my queen and I wouldn't dare go/ part if me wants to work until my last heart beat, the other half chase pipe dreams or win the lottery/ searching for the shortcuts looking for jukes, but my mana told that kind of hope results in endless poverty/ still despite conscious rap being abandoned I keep dropping these jewels shit maybe my parents adopted me/
Because I don't really don't follow all their philosiphes, but I do have their soul, like my mama there is a God in me....

*Verse 3
See never argue a mama Intuition, if you do you'll buy the farm early or end your ass up prison/ you can pawn your spirit to match the cost of living, though nobody is perfect in my verse I talk fiction/ because I rap about the man that I'm trying be, but until that maturation I'm just a walking contradiction/For example, honest believe 2 dudes should mate dicks, but I do support the legal right for marriage of the gay shit/That's they civil right like, I don't really care when I was scared I used a night light/ so If you close minded brothers is scared of homosexuals expand your world view, be man and refocus your Life's sight/ you are feasting on a freedom provided by progressive, how can school the class when your ass ain't never been tested/ all we can do is take it day by day, and grow with each and just try to live our life right.....

It's like my mind and heart can't agree on what is not right, if life is like a car, I see yellow at every stop light/
Track Name: Golden Era Flow featuring Rob Jackson
Hook (Devine Carama & Jeremiah Muwanga)
Rob jack and Devine, masters of rhyme, with the golden era flows that take you back in time/ a black Mac and nine, clapping with lines, my artillery, of artistry is attracting your dime/

We go back and forth you know left to right, I slow dance with beat and we make beautiful music/ I rap for those with slacks in they pants on'em, I ran the gauntlet mutha fucker you can clap for him/

First Verse (Devine Carama)
It makes me sick I wanna earl, for the queens I stop trying, my ex girl tried to end my world, she part Myian/ plus I use to beat up her guts she all lining, plus she only like beat of the song and I was all rhyming/ see the game is in constant change it's all timing, I'm stuck singing in this summer rain like Carl Thomas/Plus you can't shoot fades cause it's all iron, and u can't tell who is gay cause these dogs admire/ the clothes of other dogs is away that should be reserved for bitches that carry purse with eye liner/Like it's hard to tell what's real, when the fake is shining, the only way to outshine fugase is all diamonds/ hot cools off but dope is forever, so I nuetralize the weather by spitting bars for all climates/ how is it I'm 30 years old, yet still relevant with the flow, my God the bars timeless...

Second Verse (Devine Carama)
A give fuck about swag to the fads I am sterile, fucking fags, I went from rags to a pharaoh/ while you brothers argue about her bag and apparel, she's giving me ass in the back of a camero/ plus when did your victories and my loses become synonymous fucking crabs in a barrel/ I survived the gauntlet and made it through the 90's, when we rhymed in the pocket and Satan couldn't find me/ quoting today's math, like Moses waving his staff, with soul wide as a truck I traveled down a path that was narrow/ and I made without touching the edges, and tho ruffled some feathers, only my work defined me/ trying to stop me is like trying to box God, rhyme etiquette with proper moxie and gravitase/ Devine Carama, the rhyming monster, lyrical beamoth I'm the streets Barack Obama..
Track Name: Brown Sugar feat. Jalin Roze
First Verse (Devine Carama)

Music and religion's truth was extensive as a youth, so when I stepped it the booth it was my pulpit/ the devil was a disease that God hacked with a hatch, while music was the scapel, so gospel was therapeutic/ See my daddy took me to church, cause he was a black catholic, but I was studying math, I'd rock a turban in the Vattican/ confused as a youth I worshiped the mathematics, Then I found God in my heart and started writing my rhymes/Writers block when I'm free, but creative when I'm busy, man I remember my lunch breaks writing verses on a napkin/ I was cursed by a passion where the worst of rappers, emerge from ashes, while the chosen can't even shine/ but I still love you boo to the death of my health, you a platform of truth to express myself/ through the failures, you taught me many lessons it help, like to work hard but not smart is a misuse of your time/ so I never waste that with corny pick up lines, and I don't need no interference I just holla for dealf/ I envision waiting in the Rolls, with a rose for you as you blaring out speakers Jalin Roze and Devine....

Third Verse (Devine Carama)

She been around from my Walkman to my iPod, she brings a crowd when she's live bring a riot squad/ Girl I wanna put my mic inside your speaker box, and I promise I'll take a long time to come call me Detox/ gosh you look so sexy dressed, and everytime I put headphones on it's the best nut/ but I gotta share cause I don't own, so here let's clone you, duplications and pressed up/And I won't wanna misuse you with talk of what my cars worth, Come here let me show you how my bars work/ let's go get tat tat tated up tat tat tatted up, you know get you the proper art work/ and love the competition, men dominate the ratio, but she the opposition love to flaunt you on the radio/ but me I keep you underground, where we can't be found, fuck the club we can just lay low/ barely even aware I get you so randy, I make you scream until you peaking out my skull candies/ and I know you told I was the biggest that u been with, but now I realize you was just trying to play me tho....